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a photo of a stove in our Lancashire showroomNeed stoves in Lancashire? We have it all in hand. We blow the competition away in Lancashire when it comes to finding a stove.

In recent years, stoves have made a real comeback in the UK, and in Lancashire it’s no different. Whether it’s the cost of other heating types, a trend towards carbon neutral fuels, or just the warmth that stoves bring to a home, families across the Lancashire region are turning to stoves both as a main heating source, and as a way to bring the glow to individual rooms in their homes.

Why we’re the best wood burning stoves company

a photo of a wood burning stove taken in our Lancashire showroomIn Lancashire, the best wood burning stove company doesn’t just jump out and hit you! It’s increasingly rare that people begin their hunt using a directory such as Yellow Pages when looking for a wood burning stove… why would you when you have search engines at your finger tips!

Our experience shows that the actual method of finding a list of Lancashire suppliers is nowhere near as important as how you approach refining that list and choosing the best wood burning stove company to work with and that is the next job… how are you going to do it? It’s all about the reputation, and thankfully, there’s a plethora of tools and websites out there nowadays for establishing whether a company is a good, or bad supplier.

Care for the environment with Lancashire fireplaces

picture of a bespoke fireplaceIt’s helpful to check in what year a fireplace company was established. It’s a good indicator of how well they treat their customers. You also want to work with a local fireplaces supplier from the Lancashire area. A big national company might spend big on advertising, but they won’t care as much about their customers and reputation as a smaller, local fire company. Know that when you buy a fireplace or stove you are also caring for the environment. Burning wood in an efficient stove is one of the most green methods of heating your home.

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